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Largest LoRaWAN Network in the World

Why LoRaWAN + LongFi?: Image

Why LoRaWAN LongFi?

Ultra Low Power

LoRaWAN end devices are optimized to operate in low power mode and can last up to 10 years on a single coin cell battery.

Long Range

LoRaWAN gateways can transmit and receive signals over a distance of over 6 miles in rural areas and up to 2 miles in dense urban areas.

End-to-End Security

LoRaWAN ensures secure communication between the end device and the application server using AES-128 encryption.

High Capacity

LongFi LoRaWAN Network handles millions of messages from thousands of gateways.


Expected bandwidth utilized by devices is 1-5kb/s (about the size of a long text message) and devices communicate with the gateway over LongFi, not IP (Internet Protocol).


The LongFi network can determine the location of end devices using triangulation without the need for GPS. A LoRa end device can be located if at least three gateways pick up its signal.

Firmware Updates Over the Air

You can remotely update firmware (applications and the LoRaWAN stack) for a single end device or group of end devices.


LongFi LoRa has a very large ecosystem of device makers, gateway makers, antenna makers, network service providers, and application developers.


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