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Success Story: Mike's Pizza of Angels Camp Seamless Health Inspection Experience with C3 Web 3.0

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Dustin Ybarra, the proud owner of Mike's Pizza of Angel's Camp, had always prioritized the quality and safety of his establishment. As a responsible business owner, he understood the importance of maintaining proper temperature control in his pizza parlor, especially when it came to refrigeration equipment storing perishable ingredients. That's when Dustin discovered the game-changing temperature monitoring services offered by C3 Web 3.

When the time for his annual health inspection arrived, Dustin felt confident and prepared. Armed with C3 Web 3's mobile app, he was able to provide the local health inspector with real-time and accurate temperature readings from his refrigeration equipment. This level of transparency and precise data instantly impressed the inspector, making the entire inspection process seamless and easy.

In the past, Mike’s Pizza had been forced to spend excess time recording manual temperature logs often leading to discrepancies or missed readings. However, with C3 Web 3's advanced technology, those worries became a thing of the past. The mobile app allowed Dustin to monitor his refrigeration equipment's exact temperature from anywhere, ensuring that his perishable ingredients were stored at optimal conditions at all times.

During the inspection, the health department officer was amazed by Mike’s Pizza of Angels Camp’s proactive approach to temperature monitoring. The officer praised the team for their commitment to food safety and appreciated the ability to view real-time temperature data, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual checks. This enhanced level of transparency and accuracy not only saved time but also demonstrated Mike’s Pizza’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of food safety.

The inspector was particularly impressed with C3 Web 3's user-friendly interface, which allowed Dustin to access historical temperature data, set alerts, and even generate reports effortlessly. The detailed logs and reports provided by the app showcased Dustin's commitment to maintaining optimal refrigeration conditions throughout the day, ensuring the freshness and quality of his pizza ingredients.

As a result of this seamless health inspection experience and the implementation of C3 Web 3's temperature monitoring services, Mike’s Pizza received a stellar rating from the health department. This positive evaluation boosted customer confidence in Mike's Pizza of Angel's Camp and attracted new customers who recognized the commitment to food safety demonstrated by Dustin and his team.

Mike’s Pizza of Angels Camp success story serves as a testament to the impact of C3 Web 3's temperature monitoring services. By utilizing this innovative technology, they not only achieved a seamless health inspection but also improved the overall efficiency of his pizza parlor. With real-time temperature monitoring and accurate data at his fingertips, this establishment continues to provide their customers with the highest quality pizzas while ensuring their safety and satisfaction.

Mike's Pizza of Angels Camp

294 S Main St, Angels Camp, CA 95222

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