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Asset Management & Tracking: Features
Smart AG

Smart farming reduces the ecological footprint of farming. Smart farming can make agriculture more profitable for the farmer. Decreasing resource inputs will save the farmer money and labor, and increased reliability of spatially explicit data will reduce risks.

Smart Agriculture

Soil Monitoring

GPS Tracking

Automated Irrigation

Livestock Monitoring


Soil Quality Monitoring

Soil Quality

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Soil Monitoring with IoT uses technology to empower farmers and producers to maximize yield, reduce disease and optimize resources.

  • Solar Radiation

  • Soil Oxygen Levels

  • Soil pH & Temperature

  • Soil Moisture & Conductivity

  • Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, etc..


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Automatd Irragation


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Easily manage your crop with automatic irrigation when soil moisture levels fall below set thresholds.

  • Measure Water Flows

  • Remotely Control Valves

  • Monitor Water Tank Levels

  • Measure Nutrient ppm Levels

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Livestock Monitoring

Livestock Health

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Track and monitor any livestock from the convenience of your phone. Ensure herds are healthy, safe and organized.

  • Animal Database

  • Store Medical Records

  • Draw Digital Boundaries

  • Assign Animal to Pastures

  • Occupation Rate per Pasture

  • Register Sale & Purchase Prices

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Agritech concept showing a herd of dairy cows in a field with farmer accessing selected co

GPS Tracking

There are many examples of asset trackers being attached to valued livestock or animals in a humane, non-disruptive manner for conservation, monitoring or optimization along with tracking of farm vehicles and equipment. With trackers weighing in at as little as 1500 grams, this is insignificant for many types of livestock.

Don't see what your looking for? Ask us about your specific application needs.

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How Does IoT Work?


Soil moisture sensor detects moisture, EC, & NPK levels & sends data at set interval

This data is sent over the IoT network via a gateway

LoRa gateway backhauals data from IoT network to the web using an internet or cellular connection

Data is sent to a secure cloud host

Data is then displayed online for mobile or desktop viewing

Real-Time Monitoring

Example Dashboard

All-In-One Viewing Platform For All Of Your Sensor Data

Customizable Dashboard Display For All of Your Sensor Data

Accessible From Your Mobile, Tablet or Desktop Device

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