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Remotely Manage the Status of Your Water with Smart Monitoring.

Solutions Start at $10/mo


Water Management affects multiple sectors across global economies: agriculture, farming, industry, services, cities… We can monitor drinking water, detect, and control real-time leakages in public/private water systems, aqua ducts, track pressure variations along pipes and check water quality in fish farms, AG crops, hydroponic farms, and swimming pools or aquariums.

Smart Water Conservation
Asset Management & Tracking: Features

Smart Water Conservation

Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality

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Easily mange your water quality projects from the convenience of your home, office, or anywhere!

  • pH

  • Turbidity

  • Temperature

  • Conductivity

  • Water Tank Levels

  • Dissolved Oxygen

Ask us about specific water ion monitoring, i.e. Fluoride, Calcium, Chloride, Magnesium, and many more.

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Water Shed
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Water Shed

Create transparency while promoting trustworthy data to your community. Enhance the efficiency of water systems such as water collectors, treatment plants, distributions mains and wastewater recycling centers.

  • Water Conductivity

  • Water Temperature

  • Control Pump Stations

  • Water Movement Speed

  • Water Elevation

Don't see what your looking for? Ask us about your application needs.

Real-Time Leak

Prevent emergencies and water loss with 24/7 live monitoring. Implement leakage control by using smart water management devices equipped with leak and moisture sensors. Given that almost $3 billion are spent on fixing the damage caused by leakage yearly, leakage control is essential to keeping water resources and budgets safe.

Leak Detection
Fish Farming

Fish Farming &

The intelligent fish farm tries to deal with the precise work of increasing oxygen, optimal feeding, reducing disease incidences, and accurately harvesting through the idea of "replacing human with machine," so as to liberate the manpower completely and realize the green and sustainable aquaculture.

  • Temperature

  • Salinity Levels

  • Dissolved Oxygen

  • Electroconductivity (EC)

Don't see what your looking for? Ask us about your application needs.

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Hydroponic Farming

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Agriculture continues to look towards technology to deliver actionable intelligence of sustainability, enhanced productivity and to help minimize environmental impacts.

  • Automate Irrigation

  • Soil Moisture Levels

  • Measure Light Intensity

  • Reservoir & Nutrient Levels


Don't see what your looking for? Ask us about your application needs.


Real-Time Monitoring

All-In-One Viewing Platform For All Of Your Sensor Data

Customizable Dashboard Display For All of Your Sensor Data

Accessible From Your Mobile, Tablet or Desktop Device

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