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Ensuring Freshness,
at a Time

Introducing Advanced Temperature Monitoring for Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Ice Cream Parlors, and any other Business with Refrigeration.

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C3's Mobile Dashboard

Smart Monitoring = Smart Business

Precision Matters!

Prevent Costly Spoilage

Detect and address temperature fluctuations promptly, preventing spoilage and costly inventory losses.

Compliance Made Easy

Stay compliant with food safety regulations effortlessly, avoiding penalties and legal complications.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive instant notifications about temperature deviations, allowing for immediate corrective actions.

Dustin, Angels Camp

"..I highly recommend C3Web3 for any busy business owner, this service has improved my knowledge of how my equipment is operating, especially when I'm not there. The peace of mind that comes with this type of service is worth every penny."

Michael, Sonora

"C3 was amazing to work with. We had refrigeration sensors placed in all our refrigerators and freezers. It has already saved us thousands of dollars..."

Nancy, Sonora

"Worth the investment. It doesn't take very long to loose a lot when your refrigeration goes down. Well worth the $ for the alarms. Even better after some fine tuning. Great customer service!"
Zero Upfront Cost!
Solutions Start at $10/mo

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Thank You for Contacting C3 for Your Temperature Monitoring Solution!

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