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"Building a Smarter World Using Web 3 Technology to Preserve Our Planet and Conserve Our Resources"

Our Story

How it happened..

As two boys growing up in a rural mountain town, small business and conservation has always been in hearts and our passion. Our interest has always been innovative technology and learning how it can be integrated into our community. As we played and focused on how to increase convenience, there was also an increase in conservation. Cost of living became more efficient, less waste led to lowered consumption. As technology became smarter, life became easier. Less problems, more solutions. It also became obvious that this technology can help not only individuals but communities around the globe. Our goal is to share this technology with the world at a time when conserving our resources is a must.

Restaurant owners can save on average $8,000 or more per year integrating cold chain IoT

From this day forward we set out to minimize our footprint and our community's footprint on the global resource shortage. This has brought us down avenues of learning how to conserve other resources other than food, and thus C3 Web 3.0 was born.

What We Offer


IoT Smart Sensors

Copy of 5G network wireless systems and internet of things with modern city skyline. Smart

Private LTE Network

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Private LTE Network

Private LTE Network

Most Installations are FREE*

A private 5G network provides a secure and faster way for all of your devices to communicate. Don't be bogged down by the huge telecommunication companies any longer. Contact us today to learn how a private 5G network can benefit you!

Limited Cellular Coverage

Stop dropping calls and increase your cellular connectivity with a private 5G network deployment.

Business Operations

Ensure all of your devices are connected and communicating at required centrally with a private 5G network


Stay in control when it comes to internet and cellular privacy with your own 5G network.

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